As you maybe can tell from the lack of recent posts on this blog, I have had a bit of a struggle in my creative world recently. My ‘sewjo’ has flown out the window. I have been making but I have been really lacking the motivation to actually get in the sewing room and enjoy my time in there. Work has been kind of taking over everything and carving out that time to get in the sewing room to create has been hard. When I do get into the sewing room I seem to just come up blank, I face my wall of fabrics and just come up with nothing. All these fabrics are lovely and I bought them for a reason but I just can’t seem to find that reason.

I think every creative person has been there, you just can’t seem to find the umph to do it or even find a creative spark to know what to do. So how to get myself out of it? Well, I think I need to narrow my window, give myself a very specific task and not let myself just go nahhhh don’t feel that colour today. Normally if I don’t ‘feel’ a particular fabric then I won’t force myself but I think in this particular situation I just need to. Because at the moment I don’t ‘feel’ anything and therefore I just need to do it!

The Plan

As I said I just need to get myself going and therefore I am going to set myself a very specific task with fixed fabric and deadlines. I am also going to record that on here (you are my witness!) and give myself deadlines by which you will also hear about my progress and (hopefully) meeting the deadlines.

The what

I am going to use these two fabrics, the one on the left is a beautiful, lightweight, cotton I was given in a sewing secret Santa, and on the right is some purple viscose I bought on a whim and have never really found what to do with it. The vague idea I have at the moment is a top and blouse combo, but I will flesh that out more later, at the moment it just needs to be an outfit.

Something I do want to do in this challenge is to draught my own patterns, I recently bought some pattern drafting books and am really enjoying the more mathsy side of sewing (numbers are my thing!). I also really want to improve my pattern drafting as one day a long long way away I would really love to start my own sewing pattern company. But little steps, right?

Two fabrics overlapping each other, on the left is a busy light purple floral print, on this right a deep plain purple. On the floral fabric there are four light wooden buttons.
My sewjo challenge fabric
The when

As I am writing this it is 22:06 on Sunday 15th August. I want to give myself a fairly ambitious timeline for this set of projects, so I am going to give myself three weeks (I know it might be crazy πŸ˜€ ). Therefore by Sunday 5th September, I would like to have finished this project. This will be split by:

Week one – Design, plan, and draft the patterns.

Week two – Sew the first garment

Week three – Sew the second.

I feel week one may be a little ambitious as I am going on holiday for a couple of days and have a very crazy week at work coming up. But hey, ho we shall see!

To summarise, I have three weeks to design and sew an outfit using the two fabrics above and blog about my progress (to show it is happening!) I will see you next week with a full update on how this plan is going.

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