I can no longer kid myself. It is no longer summer and I need to accept that and start making cold-weather appropriate clothing. It’s funny, I do actually really like autumn, the colours and exciting things that come with it – I love Bonfire Night. However, I really don’t like being cold, and my clothing, therefore, can take a bit of a dip into the hundreds of scarfs, blankets and socks territory. I have now reached that stage of acceptance and am ready to emerge from my duvet to start looking towards what I could make this winter and, whilst I’m at it, looking back on what I have made and how I did against that original Mediterranean plan.

So let’s look back first of all. How did I do? Well, I managed to complete four items in this capsule (nearly finished a fifth which will hopefully be coming soon) and I am reasonably happy with what I have achieved. It definitely fit the Mediterranean mood I was going for. My favourite make is 100% the savannah top. I wear it a lot and it just makes me feel a little fancier which really helps when WFH.

My least favourite make is the SOI Ravello top just because it didn’t work for me in terms of being practical for my lifestyle. I think I will be back to add to this collection next year- possibly with some more basic pieces that I can mix and match with the Lemon short. Because currently, the lemon shorts are in a league of their own in my wardrobe – i.e. nothing works with them!

So moving on from sunny beaches, what are my sewing plans for this winter?

Well, last week I faced a slight problem. I couldn’t fit my fabric on the two fabric designated shelves in the wardrobe. Damn. So I took it all out and started refolding as tightly as possible. It was whilst I was doing this that I came across many fabrics that I had completely forgotten I had and the many plans I had previously made. So I decided that as well as folding the fabrics as small as humanly possible, I would also catalogue them in the hopes of not re-forgetting them. I used Evernote for this and if there is interest I will show how I did it another time.

There was one more revelation from this grand sorting. I have a lot of fabric. I know, shocker right? And actually, now I don’t have any space left on the two shelves allocated to fabric. Therefore, I decided that for my clothing plans this winter I will not be buying any fabrics. Eeek. So instead of planning a collection this season I will be planning pieces that I already have the fabric for. To clarify I will let myself buy fabric if it is needed to make a project with one of the fabrics I already have e.g. lining for a coat I already have the wool for etc..

So without further ado, let’s get onto what fabric I have and will be using this colder season.

First up we have this lovely dark red loopback jersey, I have around 2m of this and want to make a turtle neck dress that will be perfect for working from home in the colder weather.

Next, we have this lovely red spotty double gauze. This was my most recent fabric purchase and I have 3.5m of it. I bought this specifically to make the French Poetry Pleiades dress. Think this will be a very festive make! I just need to get some buttons and I will be good to go with this make.

Here we have some navy corduroy fabric (I know it looks black in the photo but it is bluer in real life). Now I bought this for a very specific project originally which was this 1960’s pinafore dress which I bought from a charity shop years ago.

I think my main project of the winter season will be a coat made in this beautiful bottle green wool. I think I also have the pattern as well which is this 1950’s flare fit which is just so beautiful! I have ordered a champaign coloured lining for this and think I may have to get some black velvet for the collar, buttons and cuffs?

I bought this ribbed grey fabric years ago and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it! If you have any ideas please let me know. It’s very lightweight and super soft maybe a top or cardigan or even a dress? Who knows, this one, for now, will be a mystery.

This dark red jersey was bought with a very specific project from Burda and I have everything, apart from time, ready to go on this one! (I also have made a long sleeve top from this fabric which needs fixing- so much to do, so little time!!)

Isn’t this blue velvet just beautiful? I started making a pencil skirt from this which I screwed up the waistband for and haven’t got round to fixing (again I know) however this one may be done later in the winter as the rest of the pieces are not with me currently.

Another one I have no idea what to do with, again please help! It’s kind of a thick crepe-like texture and has this beautiful ombre grass design.

One more on this list of things I haven’t entirely planned out is this navy wool check. It’s a very lightweight fabric that is 100% wool. I am thinking possibly a circle skirt or maybe a sheath dress or maybe a jackety thing. Basically lots of ideas but nothing fixed yet.

The last thing on my list is a quilt. Yes I know not a small project (and actually I have two ready to make) however this one is due to be a Christmas present so I really need to get myself in gear and soon on this one!

I think that is plenty, for now, I do have other fabric however, for now, I shall leave this not so shortlist as inspiration to do something! I currently have a jean jacket that I have nearly finished adding buttonholes to and then the snuggly sewing begins!

Hope you enjoyed this look back and forward and if you have any ideas for any on my fabrics please do let me know!

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