This is another make from the Sew Over It summer dreaming ebook (promise there is only one more summer post then I will catch up with what the weather is actually doing!) One of the things that originally drew me to the ebook was the idea that all the garments would fit together in shape/style and therefore fit really nicely with the idea of having a cohesive wardrobe. Once I had made my Sienna skirt I, therefore, wanted to make a top that would go with it and the Ravello top was a nice cool summer top that had the same waist line as the skirt.

The Fabric

Unusually for me, I had the pattern before I had the fabric so I actually had a very specific thing I was looking for- some sort of white based light 100% cotton that wouldn’t crease too much. So I trawled the internet (internet fabric shopping is difficult) and eventually found this at minerva craft fabrics:

floral gauze
Floral Gauze

It’s 100% cotton, cream based with beautiful colours that really match my colour scheme of the Mediterranean capsule. It also has a really cool texture which makes it need a little less ironing and adds a nice bit of interest.

Fabric choice down let’s get to the making!

The ravello top is a PDF pattern (as it the whole ebook) and as it is a top, it really wasn’t too painful to stick together and cut out. There aren’t too many pattern pieces and whilst I was waiting for all my fabric to arrive I cut out and stuck the PDF patterns for all the patterns from the Sew Over It ebook. I really don’t like putting together the PDF patterns and know that I will use it as an excuse in the future not to start a project. Therefore if I do it all at once -no excuse!

Once the PDF pattern was together and the fabric pieces cut it was time to put it togther. It was a really quickly sew- it’s a stable fabric with not too many fabric pieces. In terms of the making process, this was a very easy make with the only bit that had me in a bit of a muddle being the cuffs. So for this pattern, it has a separate pattern piece which you attach almost like really wide binding to the sleeve edges that then folds over to give an almost cuff effect. I didn’t realise that it had this cuff effect and attached the sleeve ‘binding’ as though it was not going to fold over and therefore had two lines of topstitching (one for attached the edge and then one for stitch in the ditch) on the inside of the garment which was then flipped to be shown. Now there are two lines of stitching showing on the outside as opposed to one. Not the end of the world, but slightly frustrating when I realised this. My advice is just read the whole of the sleeve edge section and maybe try it with pins just to help visualise because it really is quite hard to describe!

Something I am really very proud of with this top is the bias tape. It’s not something I have really practiced before. I decided to go all out for this one and make my own binding from the fabric so it looked more complete. It turned out really well and was a great fabric to get a nice clean finish as it didnt shift and pressed well. I would definatly reccomend this as a beginner project if you can understand the cuffs.

So here is the complete garment, what do you think?

I do really like this top and how it looks with the SOI sienna skirt, however, I have to say I’m not sure how much wear I will get out of it. As it is a crop top I expected it to be short and when I wear it with the sienna skirt it works perfectly. The problem comes from the cut of the arms. The arms are ‘grown on’ which is great – means you don’t have to set in a sleeve. However to give it shape and make it less boxy there are darts in the arm pit areas. This really limits your range of movement and pulls up a lot when you raise your arms meaning I wouldn’t really be comfortable wearing it without an undershirt or just to the beach. Whilst there is a slightly longer version of this top it’s not quite the aesthetic I was going for and to be honest I don’t like tops that limit movement which it would still do in its longer version. Therefore I think I will keep this for the super hot days on the beach that are oh so common in the UK.

Changes I made

  • None to this pattern unless you count my mistake with the sleeve cuffs?

Good things

  • The style- the overall look of the ravello top is lovely, it goes perfectly with the other items in the SOI ebook due to its waistline and fit.
  • Easy to make – this came together really easily and was a nice chance to practice a neckline binding on easy fabric.

Not so good things about the pattern

  • The fit – as mentioned the grown on sleeves with a dart just didnt work for me. I suspect that it is supposed to be loose enough that it doesnt matter, but it just wasn’t practical for me.

Recommendations for making the Sew Over It Ravello Top

  • Think about the cuffs really carefully before you sew them up
  • Be aware that it is really quite short

Overall marks: Fit-5/10 Style-9/10 Instructions-6/10 Ease- 8/10 Finished garment- 5/10

Unfortunately the ravello top really loses points with me because of it’s sleeve fit, so whilst I love the overall look of the garment I can only give it a 5/10. Although I would say it is a good beginner project due to the easy fabric, no set in sleeves and a chance to try binding.

See you next week with something a little citrusy!

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