Hi! Welcome to my small area of the internet, I’m so glad you could join me. I thought I should start off by introducing myself and telling you a bit about me and what I am planning for this blog.
So the ‘about me’ bit, I will keep this short as I am sure it is not nearly as interesting as the sewing bit and probably not why you are here. I am a twenty-something-year-old ‘sewist’ (is that what we are calling ourselves now?) from nearish London who loves cats, fabric and cooking and has far too many cookery books. (Yes I really am 23 and not a mad cat lady, my interests just happen to coincide! But who knows what the future will bring?) I think that to fully introduce what I intend to be doing with this blog I should go down the ‘what motivates me’ as this ties in very closely with what this blog will be. As you may have guessed this blog post is going to get a bit deep and thoughtful so hold onto your socks and let’s go!
So me. What do I like and care about and want to include in this blog? There are lots of things I like doing, walking on the beach for example, but if it comes down to the core things that I want to share I think it boils down to three main things:

  1. Creativity
  2. Making my wardrobe ‘me’ and sustainable for the long term
  3. Improving myself

So let’s take this one by one. My first care is not so deep but very important, I am a creative person and do have a number of hobbies including cooking, photography and crafts. However, my primary love, it may come as no surprise, is sewing. I started sewing at school when we were taught basic machine use and made a cushion cover. I loved it and so my Mum and Grandma bought me a sewing machine at age 11 for Christmas (teddy got a lot of ‘clothes’ that year)! After textiles classes finished I didn’t sew for a while until my dad gave me a pile of old t-shirt which I refashioned/attached, one day I will have to dig them out – they were so bad and I was so proud! My first actual project from ‘bought’ fabric was a jacket… which I self-drafted the pattern for. No, I don’t do things by half! I’ve never been afraid of sewing and so I always it difficult to state my level, I see something I want to make and I make it (with varying levels of success). I have to say this wasn’t really due to any other reason then I didn’t understand why patterns existed having so far just cut shapes based on my measurements. I didn’t really start doing ‘by the book’ dressmaking till I went to uni and since then there has been no looking back!
The second focus- making my wardrobe sustainably me. Sustainability and the environment something that is so important to me. This started when I was 16 and my biology teacher showed the class an inconvenient truth. From then on the environment was my passion and one engineering degree later and various other pursuits and I have ended up working in the environmental sector with a lot of my daily choices being made around this. So how does this relate to my sewing? Well, I’m not going to start going into everything to do with fibres and fabric choices, there is a lot out there on that already and I am not an expert on this. What I want to do is to make my wardrobe more sustainable for me. I want to love every item and how it makes me and feel and have things that go. This will mean that I actually wear things and have less ‘turnover’ and if I can share this journey with more people and help more people to become sustainable then that is fantastic.

The third point with regards to improving myself. This is a slightly odd one and something I think is a bit newer and related to having a job, trying to ‘adult’, and having less time to do ‘me’ things. It also relates to wanted to get better and also to feel better about me. I want to document my work and be able to see progress and improvement and also give myself structure.

So what am I planning for this blog? Well, I’m not entirely sure, there will be some planning as I go and I’m sure it will morph and change as it progresses. I will be doing blog posts on my makes, I want to document them so that I can see my progress as well as what works and what does not work for me. However, I also want to use this blog in part to ensure that I keep my hobbies as a focal part of my life relating to the self-improvement point. Now that I am working it is all too easy to work, eat and sleep and not put any time to things that I enjoy such as sewing. So by having a commitment that I have made to myself to keep up blogging it should keep sewing at the front of my mind and keep the ideas flowing! So there may be a few not so sewing creative posts but I will see how this progresses.
But I think a cumulation of all three of my points is my wardrobe. Recently I realised that whilst I do have beautiful clothes I am finding that the wardrobe I have is not necessarily making me happy. I want to change this so that when I go to pick out clothes it’s not just what fits and is convenient but what I want to wear and makes me feel good. Therefore I am planning on changing my wardrobe through sewing and secondhand clothes/ restyling my current clothes (cause we all know the triangle and fast fashion is bad). I think this will be a running theme but it is something that I want to change and by blogging it I will be able to see my progress as I go, as well as making my wardrobe more sustainable. So this is where I am going to start, with the start of a change in my wardrobe and my relationship with my clothes.
So welcome to my blog, it’s not revolutionary but it is me so I do hope I haven’t lost you in this long ramble of my brain. I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

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